Wednesday, January 26, 2011

now that I am "cured" of my AMS, I seem to have another thing

I have UMS, haha,,,,,Uniform Modeler's Syndrome

In the course of doing my collection, I want the differences in aircraft details, weapons loadouts, and markings to be the main focus,,,,,,not what kit the parts came from, or who printed the decal sheets,,,or what paint line I used "this time"

What I mean is,,,,,,if it's got Insignia Red on the tail tips, and another aircraft has Insignia Red on the intake edge, and landing gear doors,,,,,,I want the Red to be the same on all my aircraft
The same with weapons, I want the different variations of what is mounted, with a Mk-82 always looking like the other Mk-82's on the other planes. I don't want the F-4B wheels to vary from one B to another, just the other B parts to vary.
I don't build as a lot of others do,,,,,,,they build an F-4B to have one on the shelf, then build one F-4J, and then go on to build an F-8E and other planes, some do this without having a stash,,,,,,,,although to me that is hard to imagine, what if I go to build a Fujimi A-4B and there are none to buy at the time?

So, all my Mk-82's are either Hasegawa Weapons Sets or moldings that look just like them from other kits, the same is true for MER, TER, etc,,,,,,,Sidewinders look different because they are models of AIM-9B or AIM-9D, not because they came from Hasegawa on some and Esci or Airfix on other planes.

I am trying to show the differences in markings on the squadrons, not showcase the different colors that paint makers have intrepreted each color to be. So, all my Lt Gull Gray is going to be from the same source, or a close color match to the color I used to use if one gets discontinued.

There is going to be enough variation in having 200 aircraft from A-1 to F/A-18, from each squadron, with each weapons load different,,,,,,,don't need 10 different Grays and Reds mixed in there, too.  Showcasing the different mods to each aircraft also means I don't intend to weather any of them,,,,,,,All will done in "just started the cruise" condition,,,,,,,,,,I just don't want the focus to shift for my viewer from "look, he did all three possible nose configurations on the F-4B" to something like "I like that model better, the weathering jumps right out at you"

Of course, as always, I'll stand and look at built models allllll day, no matter if they are in a different scale than mine, or weathered more, or 4 models have 4 different Insignia Reds

I'll post my collection list soon, but until then, remember, there is only one kind of "wrong model", the kind that never gets built,,,,and even then, collectors have fun at this hobby, too, in their own way.


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