Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here is the new first stage of my building list

I revised my build list to incorporate as many commercial decals as possible. My previous lists had far too many sets of markings that I was going to have to do here by myself.  This path is more true to the way I want to build models, which is to just build them without all the excess work and toil.

As you can see in the following list, sometimes there just is no choice but to make them ourselves.

One of Each Tail Code combo, AA to NP, in 1/72 scale.

Atlantic coast Air Wings, Air Groups and Air Task Groups

A-4B  AA-514  VA-152  142676  (59-Forrestal)  XtraDecal on Airfix Kit
F8U-2NE  AB-208  VF-11 149161  (42-Roosevelt)  SuperScale on Academy Kit
A-4C  AC-611  VA-36  148543  (60-Saratoga)  Wolfpak on Fujimi Kit
TA-4J  AD-500  VA-45  153502  (- )  Fujimi on Fujimi Kit
A-7E  AE-410 VA-87  157586  (62-Independence)  Italeri on Fujimi Kit
AD-6  AE-501  VA-135  137497  (64-Constellation)  (Make these markings) on Hasegawa Kit
A4D-2  AF-514  VA-106  142782  (11-Intrepid)  SuperScale on Airfix Kit
A-4L  AF-315  VA-203  154825  (- )  SuperScale on Fujimi Kit
A-4C  AG-301  VA-76  149645  (62-Independence)  Fujimi on Fujimi Kit
A-4C  AH-403  VA-112  145132  (14-Ticonderoga)  MicroScale on Esci Kit +Conversion
A-4E Super  AJ-501  VA-152  150044  (38-Shangri-La)  MicroScale on Fujimi Kit
A-4B  AK-310  VA-15  144918  (11-Intrepid)  XtraDecal on Airfix Kit
F-18A  AK-402  VFA-137  162848  (43-Coral Sea)  SuperScale on Hasegawa Kit
F2H-3  AL-104  VF-171  126489  (42-Roosevelt)  (Make these markings) on Academy Kit
AD-6  AM-414  VA-42  137551  (20-Bennington)  MicroScale on Hasegawa Kit
AD-6  AN-405  VA-16  139758  (post-39-Lake Champlain)  (Make these markings) on Hasegawa Kit
F2H-4  AP-110  VF-11  127598  (9-Essex)  (Make these markings) on Academy Kit
F4D-1  AQ-110  VF-102  134959  (  )  US Airfix on Tamiya Kit

Pacific Coast Air Wings, Air Groups and Air Task Groups

FJ-4B  NA-307  VA-151  141457  (20-Bennington)  XtraDecal on Emhar Kit
FJ-4B  NB-406  VA-116  143526  (- )Emhar on Emhar Kit
F9F-8  NC-302  VA-26  144338  (33-Kearsarge)  (Make these markings) on Hasegawa Kit
FJ-4B  ND-00  VA-214  141467  (12-Hornet)  XtraDecal on Emhar Kit
F-8J  ND-206  VF-302  150654  Miramar  XtraDecal on Heller Kit
F-4B  NE-404  VF-154  151507  (61-Ranger)   Fujimi on Fujimi Kit
A-7B  NF-400  VA-56  154547  (41-Midway)  Fujimi on Fujimi Kit
F-4J  NG-205  VF-92  153842  (64-Constellation)  AeroMaster on Fujimi Kit
F-4J  NH-100  VF-213  155882  (63-Kittyhawk)  SuperScale on Fujimi Kit
F-18A  NJ-501  VFA-125  161216  (  )Testors/Italeri on Hasegawa Kit
KA-6D  NK-522  VA-196  152894  (43-Coral Sea)  Italeri on Italeri Kit
A-7E NL-300  VA-22  157466  (43-Coral Sea)  SuperScale on Fujimi Kit
A-4F  NM-300  VA-23  154201  (14-Ticonderoga)  MicroScale on Fujimi Kit
F-14A  NM-105  VF-191  159870  (62- not deployed) Wolfpak on Hasegawa Kit
A-4F  NP-401  VA-164  155022  (19-Hancock)  Testors/Italeri on Esci Kit

Note that this list covers the time period before CVW-17 was transferred to the West Coast and changed their tail code to NA. I am also cutting off the Carrier list at CVN-76, and all aircraft types will be E/A-18G and older. (there had to be some cut-off point or the list would just keep growing every year.

I will update this list later in the week to add the kits that I will use for each build.

Until then, build away, folks, your stash is only going to get larger if you don't.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I am changing the tone and direction of my Blog

Due to the large and vocal resistance that so many have voiced on various message forums to "the Rivet Counters",,,,,,,,,I am quitting that activity.

I will post various thoughts about the models I build and plan to build. I will cite references for those models, including color data. But, I am not going to go digging around for this little detail or that obscure photo,,,,,,unless it is for a person that is already an online or in person friend.

Please don't get mad at me for this decision, if you must blame someone, blame the people that believe for some reason that Rivet Counters are "making the hobby too hard" for other builders,,,,,,,instead of providing FREE info to the people that ask for it in public threads.

My collection posts will be just that,,,,,vanity posts that show off the goodies I have made masters for (for my own use, now) and finished models.