Monday, September 26, 2016

I keep wondering about the "accuracy backlash" phenomon

Something is still puzzling me. In the course of any discussion on various forums, there are always posts insulting the people that look over kits to find the good and the bad aspects of them.

Why is this? Don't people know that a discussion of a kit would stop dead if  it started with "is kit, you vill like it or else"?

Why do some people want the faults in any certain kit to stay private information? They aren't the distributors, they didn't make the pattern, they have no stake in the kit's success or failure. So why tell people to stop talking about it?

I just read the old expression today, again. The one that claims that people that critique a kit online don't build kits, they post online instead. (of course the irony of someone typing that online completely escapes the posters that say those things)

That is simply not true,,,,,I have seen many kits over the decades that have had shape and detail corrections,,,,,,those were surely NOT built by someone dedicated to the OOB build philosophy.

I get tired of reading this stuff as if critiquing kits was some new thing, it was done long before there was an internet. And it is boring as heck to read someone typing on a forum telling other people not to type on a forum and go build something.

So, okay, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em,,,,,,,If you don't agree with my opinion that kits in 2016 should be more accurate than kits made in 1958,,,,,,go build something. Because after all, "is Blog, you vill like it."

Here's a pic,,,,,it shows that when two kits are equally lauded by the "shut up and build it" people,,,,one of them is clearly wrong. I won't say which, because I don't care, I have better kits to build than these two. I merely post this pic to ask,,,,,,,,are you really sure you would rather not know this? Or equally as sure that you don't want other modelers to have access to the info, simply because you think that people that post info for free should stop doing it?

Trailing edges aligned, note differences, including the length of the wing chord at the wing root, the location of the outer wing joint to the main wing, and the shape and size of the wing tip. But, both are models, so both are Good, so "shut up and build them."

I simply can't believe that "Modeler A" wants to keep "Modelers B-Z" in the dark about these sorts of things, and whines about all the free info that people post to help each other.

But, it is 2016, so that is how things have changed when it comes to helping one another.