Monday, January 2, 2017

how to find the Hangar Deck Resource

I will be spending more and more of my "online time" on my Hangar Deck Resource board.

That is because I won't have to worry about my scale or my subject being "off topic" on a couple of the other boards I used to be active on.

And I can do things like describe the Navy Tail Code system in detail, for anyone that wants to see it, and not worry about the 1,000s of modelers that don't want or need it. (and it will still be there for the day that one of them finds out that he has a "one time need to know."

Here is the location

Hangar Deck Resource by Rex, the Accidental CAG

Thanks to a post from a member of the 1/72 board, I have found and eliminated the "have to register" to read requirement,,,,,,which I never intended to be there.

No "clicks from revenue" or any of those hoops,,,,,just read it if you want, join if you want,,,heck, delete the link from your favorites if you want. 100% up to the reader, as far as I am concerned, with no hard feelings at all.

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