Friday, May 13, 2016

My conclusion from an "Anti Rivet Counter's posts"

Well, thanks to a couple of decal companies and their new releases, my build list is going to be all scrambled up again.

Don't worry, though, I consider that a good thing. This just means that I can build with more modern decals and in some cases, use commercial decals instead of having to make my own markings.

As for the title of this entry, I have been inspired by a very vocal "Anti Rivet Counter"

It seems that I finally reached that "a-hah" moment with him. So, I will build a Skyhawk using what seems to be his guiding principle. I will take all the parts that I have cut off of models over the last few decades, and glue them together in what he should consider to be the "perfect Skyhawk for 2016"

This will be easy, because I throw those types of parts into a box with the leftover sprues, in hopes that someday I would find an environmentally proper way to give them to a recycle facility. 

I'll use all the modern construction and finishing techniques on it, even though it will be painted in Testors square bottle Battleship Gray, with some wonderful decals from an old AMT kit (or something similar)

Then I will present it, and wait for my expected Gold or 1st with it, rofl. (accuracy doesn't count anymore, remember)

I'll leak the finished model here, with the info that will go onto the entry form.

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